Warsaw-Antwerp train travel in 1910-1915 #general

krippens <krippens@...>

Can anyone tell me how long it would have taken to travel by train >from
Warsaw to Antwerp in the 1910-1915 timeframe? Are there route tables
(translated into English) that would show what connections were needed
between these two points?

I am also interested to learn what the travel experience would have been
like. Would there have been stopovers? How would food, bathing, and
other personal needs have been handled? What about safety concerns for
women traveling alone? and anything else anyone can tell me would be
most appreciated.

Thank you very much
Karen Jo Rippens

Handler/Gendler and Chankis - Matsiev, Volhnyia, Ukraine (now Lukov,
Ukraine) Zerobnick/Rubin and Muud - Ostrova Lubelski, Poland

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