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Indeed the story of king UNAS can be found on the Internet
But according to this page, his name was spelled as UNIS or WENIS.
In Greek it was written as IAUNOS, not IONAS.

Also, one wonder how a Biblical prophet (Jonah), who lived in the 8th
century BCE, would be named after a pharaoh who lived in the 24th century BCE.
Certainly in the 8th century BCE Egypt wasn't the metropolis of Middle
East anymore - the last Egyptian dynasty ended somewhere in the 10th
century BCE.

If somebody can read hieroglyph characters, the cartouche mentioned
by Stan can be seen on the page above. The first two figures are a desert
hare and waves. Does that spells YU?

Maybe UNAS is rooted in the name of goddess UNUT (she was personified
by the desert hare), whereas YONAH does means "dove" in Hebrew.

So, although similar, these two names (Ionah and Yunas) may not have the
same root. BUT, here we have something which is quite curious:
Ionas and Yunas do produce the same Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex code,
namely 164,000! Go figure...

Of course the original question was if Isaac and Jonas had something in common,
and the clear answer is NO.


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On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:49:15 UTC, tom.vene@... (Tom Venetianer)

To my best knowledge, Jonas originated >from the Biblical name JONAH,
the biblical character swallowed by the whale. Much later the name
JONAS shows in the New Testament, deriving >from the Greek IONAS.
I never saw this name associated with Egyptian roots, but is so,
I would very much like to know how.

The birthname of the last Egyptian king of the fifth dynasty (24th
century BCE) is usually written "Unas" in English. What I saw in his
cartouche as written on the walls in his tomb at Saqqara is "Yunas". I
do not know why the initial consonant is regularly omitted in English,
but I assure you that it is there in the cartouche.
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