Rodom (or Radom), Sonomira, and Sandomierz & Zawichost #general

Mark Ross

I'm new to genealogy, but after a lifetime of not knowing where my parents
came >from I thought it was long past time.

According to my father's (Isak ROSENBLATT) naturalization papers, he arrived
in this country in l910 >from Rodom (or Radom, I'm told) at age 35. There is
no listing of an Isak (or Isadore or Yitzchak which are the names he was
known by here) on the Ellis Island site. He had no relatives here as far as
I know. I was advised to look at the Hamburg list, since he shipped out of
there. On their records, his place of residence (which may not be his home
town) was listed as Sonomira. I could find no such town listed on the
Shtetl finder. His synagogue organization was Cg. Bn. Sandomeirz &
Zawichost. It was not a landsmanshaft, but a Synagogue burial society. So
I'm not sure if he came >from one of these towns or not. He died in l945.

So I have three names for possible places of origin and I can go no further
with any of them. In short, I'm stymied. I'll be leaving for Israel in mid
February (for a month) and I intend to pursue this further. I understand
there is an organization of "Former Jewish Residents of Radom and its
Region" and I'll contact them.

Any suggestions or information that anybody can offer me would be greatly
appreciated. And this is just my father; evidently my mother's origins are
equally elusive (at least to me). That's next on my list.

Thank you

Mark Ross

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