Re: Yehuda Lev and Judel #general

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

Many times you see the names Aryeh Leib or Yehuda Leib together. The
reasons are similar: Aryeh is Hebrew for Lion, and Leib is the Yiddish
translation. On the other hand, Yehudah is the name of one of the
Twelve Tribes who's symbol is the Lion, hence the name Leib. Leibel is
the Yiddish diminutive. Leibush is another nickname.

Consequently, one can not say that Yehudah and Yehudah Leib are
different people. One relative was cited in Yad Vashem four times with
variations on his name Aryeh Leib.

You need to find out if Judel was used with other names.

Zev Griner

Batya Olsen wrote:

My great grandfather was called Laibel and in English was known as
Louis. His Hebrew name was Yehuda Lev. On the 1912 passenger manifest
of his arrival to the U.S. his name is written Leib and his nearest
relative back home is a brother, Judel.

In recent discussions here the name Judel was associated with the Hebrew
name Yehuda. Are Yehuda Lev and Yehuda so distinctly different that two
brothers would be named this way?

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