SMITH: Russia to Detroit #general

Roland Tompowsky <roland.tompowsky@...>

Dear Genners!

It seems like an impossibility to find any specific person with the name
SMITH. But I have the problerm and might help. Anyone maybe knows about the
family and about any living descendant of them, please give me a tip or a
The family is:
Louis Smith b. ab. 1867 in Russia and his wife Dora - maiden name not
known - b. ab. 1870 in Russia;
Their children who lived with the parents in 92 Erskine Street, Detroit,
Wayne, Michigan, USA in the year 1920 according to US Federal c. that year.
Morton Smith b. 1895
Zelda Smith b. 1897
Bernie Smith b. 1901
Abe Smith b. 1903
David Smith b. 1909
Irving smith b. 1913
and Gertrude Smith b. 1911 inmarried in my family 1930 to Isadore HARRISON
Gertrude became a widow already 1939 and left a daughter >from the marriage
named Pera Lee Tumpeer - her first name seem a little uncommon, and as her
maternal grandmother was named Dora - it would not surprice that the name
rather should be Dora Lee, but this last is just a guess.
Anyone who knows about the family or their descendants and especially Pera
(Dora) Lee Tumpeer and her future, please send me a message to my

Roland Tompowsky,
Varberg, Sweden

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