KAHN, ABRAHAMSOHN in Neustadt, Poland #general

Marie-Louise Lofgren <marie-louise.lofgren@...>

Seacher 192697.
I am searching for information about my g-grandfather and g-grandmother.
They lived in Neustadt, Russien Poland. Their name are Aron Hirsch KAHN
and his wife was Rebecca ABRAHAMSOHN. They owned a house. Their eldest
son Hirsch Arnowitch Kahn was born 1849. They had 4 sons and one
daughter.Maritz,Levin,David and Anna or Hanna. I would like to know what
Neustadt is calles today. And any information about my g-grandparent
would make me happy.
Please replay to my email:marie-louise.lofgren@...
Marie-Louise Lofgren
Sundsvall, Sweden

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