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My name is Jacob Rosen >from Jerusalem. I am the son of
the late Leon Leib ROSNER (1903-1999) who was the youngest
child of Jakub Chiel Rosner and Ittla Borgenicht. My
father was convinced until his death that he was the
only survivor >from his family and barely spoke about
his brother and 4 sisters. He never mentioned their
given names or married names.
Last year I managed to find out that a son of my
father's siters,Channa,Reuven Orschutzer (b.1925)
survived and lives in Israel. He gave me the names of
the other siblings of my father. Following that I
discovered via Yad Vashem that the son of his brother
Abraham Meyer,Rudy (b.1920) survived as well and lives
in Florida. We reunited last year in Jerusalem (they
have not seen each other since 1938).

Now I have more or less the list of my father's

1. Abraham Meyer b. 1890 in Gdow .Disappeared in the

2. Channa Orschutzer b. 1894/5 in Gdow. Perished in
the Holocaust.

3. Erna /Esther Susskind b.1896? in Gdow .Perished in
the Holocaust.

4. Beila /Berta (surname unknown) b. 1897-9 married
and lived in Tarnow. Perished in the Holocaust
Mechla/ Michalina b.1901 in Dobczyce. Was a
Communist,married at a certain stage(surname unknown).
Disappeared in USSR.
5. Leon Leib b. 1903 in Dobczyce (my father).

My grandfather Jakub Chiel Rosner after whom I am
named was born in 1866 in Dabrowa Tarnowska to Rubin
Rosner and Malka
Perlberg. My grandfather moved around 1905 to Krakow
where he had a big storehouse of coal.
My two surviving cousins are named after our
ggrandfather Rubin. Mechla/Michalina is probably named
after our ggrandmother
All this info was constructed >from,
JRI-PL, Yad Vashem and my cousins' memory.

I wonder whether any one of you came across these
names and may shed some light on the two aunts of me
whose married names are not known to me.Thanks.

Jacob Rosen

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