Brest-Litovsk, Russia Fires of 1802 to 1836 #belarus

Jim Brook <jim_brook1935@...>

Brest-Litovsk, Russia now Brest, Belarus – Fires of
1802 - 1836

During the period of about thirty-four years
(1802-1836) the city of Brest – Litvosk, Russia now
Brest, Belarus suffered >from four (4) disastrous
fires. The government forbids the restoration of the
burnt buildings. Though the evidences are not
available some historians state that the city was put
on fire deliberately to make its inhabitants move to
new places outside Brest, so that the Brest Fortress
could be built on the site of the original city.

Can anyone give me additional information about the
many fires that occurred between the years of 1802 –

Jim Brook
New York, NY

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