Re: naturalization information #general


In her message, Ruth Hyman writes, "I have never gotten anything >from the INS
despite a number of attempts".

My experience with the INS is similar. The first time I wrote, I received a letter
saying that the information I was looking for was not found. I had asked for my
grandmother's Alien Registration card application. I know that she filled one out
because my mother accompanied her to the local post office to fill it out. When
I called the INS, I was told that I could re-open the case for an additional
search. I sent a request to re-open in September.Two months later, in November,
the INS sent me a letter saying that they had just received my request and that
it would be put on what they called "the fast track". I have heard nothing >from
them to date. Recently, I read on one of the SIGS that someone had gotten records
from Europe in about a month. I guess getting records >from the U.S. isn't nearly
that easy. What are other's experiences with obtaining records >from the INS? If
you have gotten records, what are some pointers on how to get them? In my
application, I gave every bit of information I had including my grandmother's
home address at the time she filed, her parent's names, birthdate etc etc and
still nothing.

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: SHENKMAN/SHANKMAN (Volyntsy, Vit. gubernia, Riga); COHN(Botosani,
Bucharesti, Montreal, Jerusalem); HAMMER (Czernovitsi, Montreal); HANDELMAN
(Spivak/Shpikow); STERN (Spivak/Shpikow); ABROMOWITZ (Odessa)

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