Re: Jewish death notices in the early 20th century #general

Adelle Gloger

In the January 19,2006 JewishGen Digest, Pat Weinthal of Boston, MA wrote:

<<There appears to be a mis-understanding about the purpose of
published death notices. In the U.S., this is a legal requirement
as claims on property, inheritance, and debt will need to be resolved.>>

I am puzzled by this statement as I have *never* heard of or been informed
that publication of a death was "a legal requirement" in the United States. Is
this a requirement in Massachusetts or throughout the US? I would be most
appreciative if Pat Weinthat could clarify this.

My personal experience has been that paid death notices did not become
common-place and published in daily and weekly newspapers until the early to
mid-1930s. My grandfather died in 1929 and an uncle died in 1930, and there w
as no paid death notice or obituary in either the daily newspapers or the Jewish
weeklys. Ditto for my greatgrandmother who died in 1913.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Cleveland, Ohio

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