FHC research in Vienna, Austria #general

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I will be making a very short visit to Vienna,
Austria. Most of my current research is pertaining to
the United States. I was wondering if anyone could
please share with me what type of research tools (i.e.
U.S. census, U.S. ports of immigration, etc.)are
available at this particular branch, Family History
Center in Vienna, Austria.
Please respond privately (by replacing the AT with @)
to mglasser AT netvision.net.il unless there is a
general answer to share with the list.

Thank you,

Jerusalem, Israel

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JALUN, YALUN, RUBIN, RYBIN, PIONTNICA: Ostrow Mazowiecka, Brok, Poland --> U.S.A.
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LAZEBNIK (GINSBURG): Cherkassy, Ukraine -->Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
STABINSKY, PAPIR, PAPIER: Russian Empire (Ukraine?)--> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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