Searching for families of Rabbis Tanicki and Czarne, Ukraine #general


Dear Group,

I am searching for the families of the following rabbis who were married to
two of the many daughters of Rabbi Yitzhak Avraham HAISSINSKY (GAISINSKY) of
Stavishche (Stavisht), Ukraine (1857-1942). The sons-in-law of Rabbi
Gaisinsky were most likely born between the years 1875-1890. Here is the
information >from 1912 that I have on them:

The first son-in-law was Rabbi Zelig TANICKI, son of Rabbi Aryeh, the kosher
butcher in Bogoslav, a respected merchant in Kharkov.

The second son-in-law was Rabbi Dov Ber CZARNE, Rabbi of Monasterzyce, son
of Rabbi Shlomo Fishel, who himself was also once the Rabbi of Monasterzyce.

I am trying to assist a few members of the families of the wives of these
two rabbis who were sisters to each other. We do not know the first names of
the wives.

There is a slight possiblity that one of these families may have immigrated
to England but we have no confirmation of this. It's possible that they
remained in Russia or may have immigrated to another country in later years.

Any leads would be appreciated!
Many thanks,
Lisa Brahin Weinblatt
New Jersey, USA

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