Re: Saying Where You Are #general

Harvey L Kaplan <harvey@...>

Re the discussion about signing postings - I think it is important to do so,
for various reasons. Sometimes it is relevant to the enquiry. How many times
do we see postings about censuses or naturalisations, and it turns out that
we are talking about American documents, which are different >from British
(for instance)? There is also an element of where does that person's home
community fit into the pattern of Jewish history and geography, which can
have a bearing on the enquiry. It gives us a better feel for the spread of
the JewishGen community when we see if people live in New York or Tel Aviv
or Sydney or wherever. And spare a thought for those of us who live in small
or smallish or outlying Jewish communities, for whom JewishGen can sometimes
seem excessively America-centric!!

Furthest >from my mind would be any element of curiosity for its own sake, or
snooping - we are not asking people to put their address!

Harvey L Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

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