Re: Birobidzhan #general

Dr.Josef ASH

It should be very interesting discussion!

The Flushing library of the Queens Library will present: Birobidzhan:
Stalin's Forgotten Zion Branch.
Created by Stalin in 1928 as a region of former USSR,
It was created in 1934

it was a center of Yiddish language and culture.
It never was any center of Jewish life and culture. In the best years there
were not more then 10% of Jews in the district population, that is, about 10
thousand Jews. I have met several Jews who made alia >from Birobidzhan - they
don't speak Yiddish. Yes, there was the newspaper "Birobidzhner Stern", they
had some kind of Jewish life, but it was far >from being "the center" of.

Nikolai Borodulin, teacher at Birobidzhan Teachers College, will discuss
Jewish life there.
It would be interesting to hear Mr. Borodulin.

Shavua tov! (Have a good week!),
Dr.Josef Ash

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