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Michael Trapunsky <trapunsky@...>


I'm looking for any descendants of Chana Yentel OGUS (born January 8, 1856
in Lithuania) and her husband Chaim Mendel HOROVITZ (born around 1847 in

As far as I know, their children were:
Barney HOROVITZ - birth date unknown
Kaufman HOROVITZ - birth date unknown
Mendel HOROVITZ - birth date unknown
Devorah HOROVITZ - born about 1884

I'm not sure if the children were born in Lithuania or in England but I do
know that Devorah (and probably her siblings a swell) passed away in
England (dates unknown).

I am also not sure what Kaufman's and Mendel's English names were.

Devorah HOROVITZ married Saul ROSENBLOOM (date unknown) and they had at
least two children:
Sadie ROSENBLOOM - married Michael CURRY and had a son named Basil who
lived in the USA.

I know this isn't much to go on, but if anyone knows of this family I would
love to hear back >from you.

Thanks very much,

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York, USA

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