Friedrich LEVY MULLER (aka Fritz LEVY MULLER OR Fredy LEWIN) #general

Saul Issroff <saul@...>

Looking for any family of Friedrich (Fritz) LEVY ( Germany-Johannesburg)

1.--(father) Leopold LEVY JACOBY born in Germany on February 26, 1877 died
in Chile on April 12, 1950

2.-(mother) Elsa Sara MULLER KRONACHER born in Germany on April 20, 1885
died in Chile on January 30. 1961. Leopold and Elsa married on November 1,
1908 in Germany

3.-children Hans Berthold Levy Muller born in Germany in the year 1916 died
in Chile in 1963 single

4.-Friedrich LEVY MULLER also known as Fritz LEVY MULLER OR Fredy LEWIN.
He was never in Chile and that in the thirties he went to live in South
Africa Johannesburg (8 Mettah Street, Hillbrow).

I have rephrased this message which is posted on behalf of Leopoldo Lizama
(Chile). Please send any replies to me and I will forward to Leopoldo.

Saul Issroff (

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