Connecting to distant cousins #general

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I've written on this before but I'll elaborate:

Several months ago I requested members of this group to put me in touch with
Allen,a distant cousin of mine in Chicago. Within 2-3 days that cousin
contacted me and he updated me on the details of his family for the family
tree I coordinate.

Within another few days I was contacted by George,a cousin of this cousin
(>from "the other side") who was also preparing a family tree of "his side"
and he wanted to include my whole family into his project.

After ongoing correspondence with George (by the way these are all true
first names) he put me on to Dan, an American couple who immigrated to
Israel in the 80's and that their son had married one of my distant cousin
(whose grandparents were in my tree), and he joined the loop of the family
information which was being shared by so many members of the family who
never knew each other before I asked members of this group to help me out
with one cousin (Allen).

As we say in hebrew "kol Hakavod to all of you". (If someone knows a real
english translation of that please post).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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