Yakov "Cohen" & Nechama-Rachel(nee Eisenthal) Cernivici/Dorohoi #general

Maly & Ofer Cohen


We are looking for information about Yakov "COHEN" >from Cernivici
(Tschernowitz, Chernivitsi), Bukovina (now Ukraine); and for Nechama -
Rachel, nee EISENTHAL (AISENTHAL) >from Dorohoi, Romania.

Yakov was born in 1864 and had been living in Cernivici. He was a Cohen
(we don't know if this is his "real" family name). Yakov's father was
Yehudah. Yakov's brother was Shraga-Feiwel. Yakov was practiced as a
Tora scribe (*Sofer Stam*). His nickname was "Yankele Soifer". Yakov had
married and after ten years with no children he divorced and got
marriage again with Nechama-Rachel >from Dorohoi. *This is the only information
we have !*

Nechama-Rachel (nee Eisenthal) was born in Dorohoi, Romania in about
1875. Nechama's father was Asher-Anshel, and her mother was a midwife.
Nechama's brother was Michael-Mechel. She got marriage with Yakov, and
when became pregnant they immigrated to Eretz-Israel. Nechama's mother,
the midwife, followed her daughter and son-in-low to Eretz-Israel. The
three had arrived to the Hauran (the new Jewish settlements) in 1896 and
later settled in the Upper Galilee (Rosh-Pinna). Since then the family
is has been living in Israel.

We don't have any additional information for the family ancestors in
Romania or in Bukovina. We found connections with some Eisenthal
families >from Dorohoi, had immigrated to Israel after WW2, but couldn't
find any real evidences for Yakov and Nechama. For Yakov's origin, it is
very difficult to solve the mystery, as we don't know even his real
family name!

If any of the above names or "story" rings a bell for you, please let us
We will appreciate any additional advice or information, which will lead
to the above persons in Cernovici or Dorohoi.

Many thanks in advance,

Meir Cohen. Petach-Tikva, Israel.

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