Re: "Correct" way to enter main name in a tree #general

Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear group,
OK - I'm inconsistent. Mostly I use the birth name as a primary
name, but occasionally I use the name by which the person was
commonly known, especially if the common name was very dissimilar to
the birth name. I'll usually add the common or Americanized name to
the < Name > field. The software I use tries to get me to do that as a
"nickname", but I would rather see the common name right along with
the birth name.
My software also allows me to add "facts" so I created two called
< Hebrew Name > and < Yiddish name >, and I enter those details when
known. (If the difference interests you, check the Discussion Group
archives a few years ago - it's already been discussed.)

Zev mentioned what to do with all the people whose surnames are not
known. I was taught a trick for my software (the most commonly
sold). Example for a woman whose maiden name I don't know: < Sarah
\Katz (nee?)\ >. By typing the surname-with-(nee?) between
backslashes, the person is indexed with the others of that surname,
and the "nee?" doesn't act like a middle name. Cool trick. Note:
there is no space after the first backslash.

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