Re: Finding submitters of testimony/Yad Veshem #general

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

If you find an entry in Yad Vashem, please look at the original
document. It will usually give the address of the submitter at the time
they made the submission.

Yad Vashem will not help you find a submitter. If the submitter lived
in Israel, try this link, for help.

Zev Griner

Ann Lewin wrote:

I have written to Yad Veshem but after a month still no answer. I
found a relative had reported the deaths of several members of my family
(HOFFMANN/GERMANY) How do I locate this relative who says he is nephew of
Betty KLEIN >from Berlin Germany. The person I am trying to locate is
Gerald FRIEDMAN. I have no idea where he is located . If you have
any suggestions or know this person please have him contact me at:

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