Re: Connecting to distant cousins #general

Judith Romney Wegner

As we say in hebrew "kol Hakavod to all of you". (If someone knows a real
english translation of that please post).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel
Actually, many English-speaking Jews wouls simply say "kol ha-kavod."
Among my acquaintances, the expression is almost as well known as
"Shabbat Shalom!" even among people who don't know much Hebrew.

As for translating "kol hakavod to all of you" (i.e. when many
people are involved, as here) you can say "Congratulations all

If it's only one person, you could try: "More power to you!" But
the translation that best catches the flavour of the original may be
the Australian expression: "Good on yer!"

Judith Romney Wegner

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