Re: Miriam Margolyes and the Los Angeles Times article #general

Ted <tmargulis@...>

Dear Genners: Over the years, I am sure, you have seen (and probably
benefitted) >from Miriam Margolyes' postings. I know I have.

In Sunday's Los Angeles Times(January 29, 2006) on page E30 of the Calendar
section, there was a great story about Miriam with five photos of her in
various poses >from several of her appearances.

For you see, Miriam is a fine actress who has played all over the world and
was interviewed for this article by Diane Haithman, a LA Times staff writer
about her career. And at the very end of the article, Miriam points out
that she still has 'energy' to have the passion to tracing her family
genealogy. Bravo to Miriam! And by the way, we are not related.

Warm Regards
Ted Margulis
Palm Desert, CA

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