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Dear Genners,

I have a favor to ask. A friend of mine for over 60 years has finally caught
the "genealogy bug" >from me. Through [a commercial genealogy site], I was
able to find her grandfather's WWI registration, & his 1920 & 1930 census
records. But we haven't been able to find him on the Ellis Island records, even
using Stephen Morse's forms.

Using the JGSNY link, we have located his Naturalization Petition in the
Kings County Clerk's Office, Brooklyn, NY. The petition would most likely
tell us which port he came into, when, & what name he used. The problem is
my friend lives north of Boston, & I live over an hour NW of NYC, and have
physical problems that prevent me >from getting to the Clerk's Office.

I am hoping there is a kind genner that lives in Brooklyn near the State
Supreme Court of Kings County, 360 Adams St., (cross streets: Johnson, Court
& Joralemon Sts) that could go there, get the records, & send them to me.
The records are in the Clerk's Office, Room 0079. The Petition is #141 for
Meyer Shenkin, Page 81, Year 1917-1918. We would appreciate all the
documents included in the Petition “record” (Petition, Declaration and
Certificate of Arrival).

I realize that we could send for the documents. But due to the increase
demand for Naturalization records in the Kings County Clerk's Office, the
wait is approximately 4-6 months for mail requests. By then, I'm afraid my
friend will have lost her enthusiasm for genealogy.

If you are able to perform this kind deed, please reply privately by e-mail
to: pmlewis6391@.... I then can give you my address, so that you
can send the documents to me, & you will have my deep gratitude, as well as
that of my friend.

Thank you in advance.
Myrna Lewis
Suffern, NY

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