Internal Passport Database - Additional records added #general

Howard Margol

4,000 records >from the city of Kaunas, and 550 records >from the city of
Panevezys, have been added to the Lithuania Internal Passport Database. Even
though the internal passport was applied for in Kaunas or in Panevezys, many
applicants were born elsewhere in Lithuania or different parts of Russia and
their place of birth is included in the database.

Search the database and you may find ancestors even though you may not have
known where they applied for their internal passport. Many surnames are
spelled with the Lithuanian spelling as well as a translated spelling. For married
females, their maiden name is also given in most instances.

As an example, do a search with the exact spelling, for the following
see many maiden names included as well as their place of birth which, in
many cases, is not Kaunas or Panevezys.

About 14,000 additional internal passport files for the city of Kaunas, and
another 4,000 files for the city of Panevezys, need to be translated and
added to the database. Your financial support to enable this to happen will be
appreciated. Thousands and thousands of internal passport files for other parts
of Lithuania will be added to the database at some time in the future.
Without your support, it will not be done.

To search the database, go to

After reading the introduction, which contains very interesting explanations
and photographs of documents, scroll down to the bottom and click on
"Search the Database".

Good luck in your research.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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