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Fernando Lazarus <fernandolazarus@...>

Hello Genners:
The well know Rabbi Leiser LAZARUS, born 1822, in
Filehne, Posen (now Wielen) Prussia, had four
siblings: Bonna, married to the Philologist Dr.
Leopold Cohen, Arnold, Elie and Adolf all with the
surname of LAZARUS. According to Mr Herb Sollingen of
Uniondale, NY, member of JewishGen (2001) Arnold
LAZARUS married and have a daugther: Hanna (who
recently dies in NY, 2001)
My question is: it is possible that this Arnold
LAZARUS, is the Arnold I am looking after ?
My information says that Arnold LAZARUS, had two
siblings with Rosette ZOEGAL, one of them is my
grandfather: Ernest LAZARUS ZOEGAL born in Berlin
October 13, 1874.
My great grandmother : Rosette ZOEGAL, born on
November 22, 1850, place of birth: unknow, dies on
December 8, 1922, in Hamburg (?)
My Arnold was born: May 18, that all I have >from him.
Is possible that Arnold had siblings with two diferent
women, one of them is Rosette ZOEGAL.
The Rabbi Leiser Lazarus was the Director of the
Jewish Teological Seminay in Breslau, Silesia, Prussia
and he dies in 1879.
He had a brother by the name of Moritz LAZARUS,
1824-1903, a well know Philosopher and Social
Leiser and Moritz father was: Aaron Levin LAZARUS.
I need help with this information.

Fernando Enrique Lazarus

MODERATOR NOTE: The writer is using the word "siblings" to mean
siblings in the next generation, not brothers and sisters of the person

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