Re: Broken Record #general

Jeff Hecht <jeff.hecht@...>

Conservationists have developed non-mechanical ways to play
back phonograph records that are too fragile to play mechanically.
Some use laser and optical techniques to photograph the grooves
and then reconstruct the sound. You can find details on one such
project at

I hope that help, Jeff Hecht

Varda Epstein wrote:

I wrote: <horrors of horrors, the needle
ripped the record >from one edge, through to the center.>

Somehow, all those who responded, and there were many, misread, or
misunderstood me. The record is effectively sliced, not scratched. It's cut
clean through >from edge to center.

Many wrote to tell me that scratches are a small problem when digitalizing a
record. They hardly register in the finished product. Perhaps this
information will be useful to some genners.

My problem is a different one, and I have not yet received a response that
addresses my particular quandary.

It's quite possible that the record is a write-off. I waited a very long
time before I even thought of consulting this list, because I assumed it
might be a hopeless cause.

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