Re: Russian Phonetics #general

Dr.Josef ASH

Nick replies:

Anglo-Jewish pronunciation in an Ashkenazi synagogue of the same Hebrew
vowel sounds has changed over the years. The way that my father, I and my
nephews learnt to say the Hebrew word "Boruch" are markedly different.

The first vowel my father rhymes with boat. (after Chief Rabbi Joseph
Hertz). I rhyme it with not. My nephews rhyme with but. (Ivrit style)
A gentleman >from Poland in my synagogue pronounce it to rhyme with boy.
Nick Landau
And just to clarify everithing >from the Russian-speaking-Jew "point of
listening": I don't understand what are you talking about! Do not "not"
"boy" and "boat", three of them, sound the same rhyme?
Dr.Josef Ash

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