Re: Question about Euro currency & German writing of numbers #general

Simon Tardell wrote:

feeling that the comma between the 15 and 00 is really more of a period.
Sooo, what I would like to know is (a) is this a German or European convention
to use a period instead of a comma to demarcate what I think of as the
decimal point between dollars and pennies and (b) is this 15,00 just 15 Euros
or 1500 Euros??
It is the other way around: It is an international convention to use a
comma on the line as the decimal sign (ISO 31-0:1992, section 3.3.2).
English speakers are the odd lot here by using a period. Thus it is
fifteen euros and zero cents.

Thanking you in advance for your expert help!
You are welcome!

Simon Tardell,
Stockholm, Sweden.

Simon Tardell,

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