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How did the Jews speak in Bohemia and Moravia?

In a very witty book written by Ruth Bondy, who is a
Jewish Shoa survivor ( born in Prague in 1923 ) provides the a
150 page vocabulary of " How we talked among ourselves"
( Mezi nami receno).

Ruth has lived in Israel since 1948 and has become an outstanding
educator, translator and author ( her best work in "The Elder of The
Jews" a biography of A. Edelstein, the "elder" in Terezin).

In the prewar years, the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia spoke both
German ( the older generations ) and Czech and since 1918, the
creation of the Czechoslovak Republic, Czech. I was born in 1930 and
spoke only Czech. My mother's mother tongue of Czech and my
father's German.`As many Jews were members of professions and
akademia , speaking properly was a sign of ones education.
However, back to the book by Ruth Bondy.

The vocabulary lists and explains words which are partly of Yiddish,
Hebrew, Czech and German origins. just a few examples:

"mecie" goods purchased at a law price "kile" the Jewish Community
"ganef" thief, bad person
"herzensganef" thief of hearts ( a cute kid )
"sejchl" a bright brain

This witty with illustrations is published ( in Czech only ) by
Publisher Franz Kafka in Prague in 2003.

John Freund.

MODERATOR NOTE: The book is receiving it's one-time commercial mention.

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