What to do when two family tree stories don't mesh? #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

I am now totally ready to throw my hands up in the air. I have been
trying to establish a line of descent through the family "Blumenberg".
My grandfather's sister married a Jonas Blumenberg, and they had three
children, one or all of whom may still be alive, and who I am
desperately trying to locate. One source put Jonas as the brother of
several siblings, including a "Ryfka", who was a *daughter* of "Leib".
Now, I have found a Blumenberg cousin, an older man, who states that *his*
mother was not a Blumenberg, but that *her* sister, Ryfka, *married* a
Blumenberg (Leib). Same names, same family, but one story disputes the
other. Either Ryfka was Jonas' sister, and daughter of Leib, or she was
not born a Blumenberg at all, but married into the family by marrying
Leib. I see no "Leib" mentioned in her generation, only in the
preceding generation. How do I even try to unravel this??

Leslie Weinberg
Searching Eisen, Iram - Tyczyn, Poland - Oradea, Romania
Blumenberg - Tyczyn, Poland
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