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My paternal uncle, Willie (Wilhelm - possibly Wolf, originally) KUJAWSKI,
visited the family in England just before the 2nd world war. He and his
wife Regina were en route for the U.S. I was told by an uncle (now
deceased) that Willie and Regina were ">from Kiel, Germany," and that they
emigrated to the US "before America entered the war." I'm assuming from
that - since the KUJAWSKI family were long-term residents of Lodz, Poland,
that for Willie and Regina, Kiel was merely a transit point (>from the
European continent through the Baltic, over to England) rather than a town
of which they were residents (but this is mere conjecture on my part).

Is there any way of determining what ship Willie & Regina may have taken
from Kiel, Germany to England in the late 1930's?
==Kiel is a port city on Germany's Baltic Sea coast, south of the Danish
border. I think it most unlikely that one would sail through the Kattegat
and Skaggerag straits around Denmark into the North Sea, when one might more
conveniently sail >from Hamburg, a relatively short train ride away, or >from
Bremerhaven, both on the North Sea. There was, however, a cana that connected
Kiel to the North Sea and, conceivably, that may have been a route for passenger
service to England.

==Those traveling to England >from Eastern Europe would either sail >from the
nearest Baltic port (In Russia, East Prussia, Poland, Lithuania or Danzig) or
take a train across Germany to a Dutch, Belgian or French North-Sea port,
each of which offered a daily choice of inexpensive and speedy passage to

==My guess is that this couple may have been trying to get to England
shortly after the German invasion of Poland in 1939 and the consequent British
declaration of war against Germany, and planned to embark at the nearest neutral
port, Copenhagen in Denmark or Goteborg in Sweden. Alternatively, they may
indeed have been living in Kiel for some months or even years.

Michael Bernet, New York

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