Re: Czech geography 1938 - 1942 #general

Alexander Sharon

"Caroline Ranald Curvan" wrote

1) In 1938, the Prague Police Directorate listed his
home-residence as Drozdova, region Horovice.
Where exactly is this?
It is actually Drozdov, located 50 km WSW >from the capital Praha
(Prague), just off the main international road # E50 (Praha-Plzen
segment). District town Horovice is located 7 km East >from Drozdov.

At the time, he was registered as living in Dobrin, region
Roundice-nad-Lubem. Again, where is this?
Dobrin, pron. [Doh bzhin] (at 5026 1418) is located 40 km NNW
from Praha on the right bank of Laba River.
Roudnice nad Labem is close by Dobrin to the West.

Kladno is located 19 miles SSWt >from Roudnice-nad Labem, there is
well developed railway communication system between the towns in
this region.

He was a chemical engineer, trained at the German Technical
University. Supposedly he worked in a munitions plant/factory
between his graduation and deportation.
Town Kladno was known as the centre of coal, steel and
metalworking industry >from the mid 19 century, the famous Karel
Wittgenstein's Poldi Iron works known as Poldihutte was located
there. Around Kladno there are several smaller places known >from
their chemical plants: Rakovnik, Neratovice and Kralupy. Perhaps in
one of them Jan Zinker was employed.

BTW, Kladno industrial complex is similar to the other industrial
conglomerates in Ruhr and Upper Silesia regions.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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