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"Eric M. Bloch" <> wrote

Many Hungarian census and tax lists give occupations and/or family
condition in Latin. The translated Latin lists and the various
Latin/English translation websites that I've seen do not include many of
the occupations in which Jews typically participated. Does anyone have
good translations for or could point me to a website for terms such as:

I don't promise good translations. Some of these occur only once on the
Internet eg

circumforanius/circumforanei vagrant
educillator server of wine
epocillator innkeeper? Bierschenker, Schankwirt in German
equisios pylorus lesser horse attendant
factor maker
granatarus a keeper or steward of a granary
granalaru grainkeeper?
informatory informer?
opifex/opifices (artisan or laborer?) literally one who builds on
quaestor (treasurer or paymaster)
quaestor circumforanius itinerant treasurer
schachterius presumably slaughterer
vigularum vigilarum=sentry, guard, fireman, watchman

Nick Landau
London, UK

COHNREICH (Anklam, Germany Krajenka, Poland) ATLAS (Wielkie Oczy (near
Lvov/Lemberg), Poland) WEITZMAN (Cracow), WECHSLER(Schwabach, Germany)
KOHN/WEISSKOPF (Wallerstein and Kleinerdlingen,Germany) LANDAU (only adopted
on leaving Belarus or later)/FREDKIN (?) (Gomel, Mogilev, Chernigov,

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