Thanks to so many of you who wrote when I previously posted info about
my search. I am hoping for more suggestions. Family legend led me in
one direction, persistence and advice have led me in a slightly
different one which has provided some answers but left me clueless in
other areas. According to the 1900 Federal census, Samuel KUKLINSKI,
born in May, 1875 in Russia and Fannie KUKLINSKI born in July 1874 in
Russia came to the US in 1893 and got married in 1894. They had 3
children Jacob (Jack) born in Nov, 1894, Robert Edwin born in 1896 and
Albert born in 1898. They were living in Newburgh, NY. This family
doesn't show up in the 1910 census, which is confirmed by family lore -
according to the story Samuel abandoned the family sometime around 1906
and Fannie took the children to Canada where she died shortly after
their arrival and they were placed in an orphanage, they were observant
Jews and the children refused to eat the trief in the orphanage - a
Jewish philanthropist in detroit heard about their plight, brought them
to Detroit and placed the two youngest in foster care there. The oldest
went off on his own. By the time they came to Detroit, their last name
was CLINTON. The oldest shows up on the 1910 census with that last
name as a boarder, the others show up again on the 1920 census. I
found Jack's WWI selective service info, Robert and Jack's social
security info and we sent for the social security applications which
gave us their mother's name as Fannie LEVENTHAL and although Robert's
application reported the father's name as Samuel Clinton, Jack's
reported it as Samuel Kuklinski (when we received that paperwork, this
was the first time the family knew what the Clinton name had originally
been!!!) It listed Jack's birthplace as Utica, NY and Robert's as
Buffalo. We found a Frume Leventhal on a ship list but traveling with
an Avraham Leventhal listed as her husband, and no other immigration
info for her. We have come up with lots of Kuklinski names on ships
but none that seems logical for the one we are searching for, but of
course I may have overlooked something. We sent off to Utica for a
birth certificate for Jack with last name of Leventhal (figuring our
Fannie could possibly have been married previously) or Kuklinsky mother
Frume or Fannie, father Avraham Leventhal or Samuel Kuklinski - there
was no recorded birth there. We have searched for newspaper articles
mentioning the orphaned childre, contacted librarians and other sources
looking for Canadian orphanages and have come up blank. Any other

Thanks for the help (and the patience in reading this long note)

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ

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