MOLK family, Lithuania #general

Ran Phillips <s_u@...>

Hello all,

My name is Ran Phillips.
I'm looking for my mother's family >from Grinkiskis, Lithuania.
Her father name was Reuven MOLK and grandfather name was Yosef and his first
wife was Yehudith.
My grandfather Reuven Molk had few brothers & sisters about two of them I
know : David Molk & Rachel Shmueli.
Other members of this family died/murdered by the nazis during WW2.
I know that relatives also fled to South Africa & U.S.A.
My grandfather Reuven, his father Yosef and brother David came to Israel,
Reuven also serve in the british army in Palestine.
I need help to find names of the other members in the family >from Lithuania
to know the Molk family tree before Yosef and the Relatives >from U.S.A &
South Africa.
Thankfully Yours,

Ran Phillips, Israrel


MODERATOR NOTE: If you have not done so already, you may also
search the JewishGen Family Finder at
to find others who may have MOLKs >from Lithuania. If you create
your own entry as well, using the "enter/modify" option, you will make
your information available to other researchers who will then be able
to find you.

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