EPSTEIN-SHAPIRO-COHEN: Philadelphia-St. Louis #general


I have recently verified, through on-line and other research means,
that my great-grandfather Bernard EPSTEIN of Philadelphia was an older
brother of noted Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Fishel EPSTEIN of St. Louis. I
also have had significant contact with descendants of their much
younger sister, Tzvia (Cecilia) EPSTEIN SKAIST, and with the SILAGI
family, descendants of brother Yisrael (Jacob) EPSTEIN.

I have documented the descendants of those relatives, but the trail has
run cold regarding what research suggests to be other siblings. The
best information that I have is:
oldest sibling Dina Epstein SHAPIRO,
born approximately 1874, died 1940, probably was married to author and
Rabbi Zalman S. Shapiro of Denver-their children apparently included
author and Rabbi David Shlomo Shapiro of Milwaukee, Rose Shapiro
LEVINE, and Joe Shapiro.

Devorah (Dora) Eta Epstein COHEN (1889-1945) (married to Shlomo
(Solomon) Cohen, a Hebrew school teacher). Children included Sam
Cohen, Florence Cohen who possibly married a Rabbi EFROM. This family
possibly lived in St. Louis.

Bernard was possibly known by the Hebrew "Berel" within the
immediate family.

If any of the above rings a bell for anyone, notably any connection to
Bernard Epstein and Rabbi Chaim Fishel Epstein, please e-mail me at:

----Steve Goldstein, New Jersey

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