Another feat from Steve Morse - UK Census from 1851 to 1901 #general

Nachum Tuchman


I used Steve Morse's web site to look up my wife's great grandparents. I had
already found both families when the UK 1901 census first appeared on-line.
However, since there is a link to the actual census page via a fee based
genealogy company, I wanted to print out the sheets.

One of the families was ROSINSKY which appeared in the 1901 as RATINSKY. This
was not a transcription error. It was how the census taker wrote the name on
the original sheet, even though it was not the correct spelling. Knowing that,
I simply searched RATINSKY and found nothing. After several attempts of using
only part of the name, with various spellings, I searched on my wife's GGF's
first name. He was Alexander SENDER, but I knew that he appeared in the census
as Sander. I found the family as PATINSKY. Obviously this fee based company
retranscribed the sheets, and in this case there was an error.

I am mentioning this only to point out that if I found a transcription error,
there may be more. Anyone who can't find a name that they know comes up in
the official UK site, may have the same problem.

This post should not be taken to cast aspersion on Steve's one page search.
There is nothing wrong with that. The problem lies with the transcription job
done by this fee based company, for which Steve Morse certainly had no part.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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