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Julia Maria Koszewska <julia_koszewska@...>

.....cause the proper name of this village should be (as I guess) Losice
(Losice)- if it is in Poland as you wrote.
search results would be then:

Losice 52°13' 22°43' E M U Poland 116.9 kilometers E of Warszawa
[ check name Losice with
ad fird one:

or it could be also
* Lozice(Lozice):
53°54' 16°35' E M U Poland 347.1 kilometers WNW of Warszawa

* Lozice 53°07' 14°47' E M U Poland 429.6 kilometers WNW of Warszawa

* Lozice 52°40' 23°35' E M U Poland 180.9 kilometers ENE of Warszawa

eventually simmilar sound name of town in Belarus:

* Loshitsa (Lozhitsa) 53°51' 27°32' E M U Belarus 3.7 miles SSW of Minsk

* Loshitsa (Lozhitsa) 53°50' 27°35' E M U Belarus 4.7 miles S of Minsk

Regards- Julia Maria Koszewska

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Can someone please tell me the latitude and longitude of the Shtetl
that was called Loszice, Sandomierz, Kielce, Poland?

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