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David Lewin <davidlewin@...>

At 13:53 14/02/2006, you wrote:

I've been putting the Jewish BMD data >from 1822,23 of Koden, Lublin
, Poland on a database. I found about 11 Jewish marriage banns
posted in each of these years, some of the marriages taking place in
other cities. These are of Koden residents. There is no mention of
them in the indexes. If you do not read the records page by page,
you would never know they were there. They are not even numbered.
They have as much information as the regular marriage records.

Why would Jewish people go to the town clerks to record marriage
banns? Do Jewish people post marriage banns? Was this a common
occurrence? Has anyone else found these in their town's records?

Joyce Oshrin

I have transcribed many 1800 - 1880 records >from West Prussia -
notably the Golub and Strasburg area. There a numerous Wedding Banns
documents among these. I have noticed that they went up in the town
of bride and of the groom where these are different.

I must say that it seemed to me obvious that this happened, and I
never thought about the "why".

David Lewin

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