Ship's passenger lists to NY #general


I have a question about the ship's passenger lists that I hope someone may have
an anser to. I have found two ship's passenger listings for a relative, but
there are slight variations that I cannot account for. The first passenger list
obtained >from Ellis Island says he was traveling on the ship Pretoria that
departed Cuxhaven on July 15, 1906 arriving in NY on July 28, 1906.

the second passneger list >from the Hamburg website shows the same relative
traveling on the ship Deutschland leaving Cuxhaven on July 12k, 1906. I can see
where the dates may be slightly different, but I am not sure why he would be on
two separate ships? Is it possible that he started out on one ship and changed
to another and at another port? Any suggestions on this question would be
appreciated. Thanks.

Jill Newmark

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