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Susan Edel is looking for information about Heinrich
WEINER, born about 1864 in Pirnitz [Moravia], who went
to Vienna in about 1880. He married Henriette BORG
who died in 1919. She is also looking for Josef SCHUCK
who married Rosalia nee BASSA who died 1940.
Unfortunately, Susan says that she has no further
information about any of these people.

First of all, I would strongly advise Susan to join
the Austria-Czech SIG of Jewishgen, if she has not
already done so. This SIG with about 700 members
specialises in Bohemia and Moravia as well as in
Austria, with special reference to Vienna, where most
of the ca 200,000 Austrian Jews lived before 1938.
Many Jews emigrated >from Bohemia and Moravia [now the
Czech Republic] as well as other areas of the Habsburg
Empire after 1848, and settled in Vienna:

However for the name BASSA - this is very rare in
Vienna - Susan must look elsewhere as this name is
centred on Slovakia and hence the Hungarian SIG would
be more appropriate. I have found a single Berthold
BASSA living in Vienna in the 1930s and he should be a
good lead. Perhaps he is Rosalia's nephew? And this
could be Rosalia's father's grave:

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 Group 49A Row 11 Grave 23A
BASSA Adolf aged 86 died 10.03.1916

I have found Heinrich WEINER >from Pirnitz, Moravia
buried in Vienna, together with Henriette, who
pre-deceased him; Heinrich was born in 1856 and must
have arrived in Vienna as a young man of 24. If he
married in Vienna, then a bonanza of data will be

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 Gp 53B Row 28 Grave 28
WEINER Heinrich aged 85 died 27.11.1941
WEINER Henriette aged 63 buried 25.10.1918

from the asset file data I have found Heinrich's exact
date of birth: WEINER Heinrich 08-10-1856
The asset file will give many more details.

And here is the SCHUCK grave:
Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 Gp7 Row 7 Grave 15A
SCHUCK Josef aged 56 died 16.02.1904
SCHUCK Rosalia aged 83 died 25.12.1940

Nb SCHUCK is written with an umlaut.

There are many Austrian holocaust victims named WEINER
and SCHUCK. There are 15 BORG buried in Vienna who
could be related to Henriette as well as two asset
file holders.

There are so many leads above that with a bit of
effort, much more will be revealed.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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