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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

Using the phonetic index in Where Once We Walked (Revised Edition),
Vasakamosevyetz codes as 745647, and that code suggests the town name is
probably Wysokie Mazowieckie, 49 km West Southwest of Bialystok in modern
Poland. This area was part of the Russian Empire prior to WWI and its name
would then have been written in Latin characters something like Visoka
Mazovietzk. Bialystok was in Grodno Gubernia in the Pale of Settlement,
but 49 km to the WSW might have put Wysokie Mazowieckie in the Lomza
Gubernia of Russian-Poland. It is possible that "Comshka " is a distortion
of the native pronunciation of Lomza, which is quite different >from what
those letters imply to a native reader/speaker of English..

The map coordinates for Wysokie Mazowieckie are 52 degrees 55 minutes North
and 22 degrees 31 minutes East. Between the World Wars, the Jewish
population was recorded as 1898 people.

"Janette Silverman" <>
I am helping a friend do some research and the town in Poland she gave me
for her family (which is based on oral tradition) doesn't show up on the
shtetl finder! It is in Poland (or at least it was and of the info
that seems to be the only clear thing) the rest is
Vasakamosevyetz Comshka Gubernia. Anyone know where this could be?

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