Colma (CA.) Jewish Cemeteries: Photo offer #general

dayna reader <zoeys_mom@...>

Hi all,

I live not far >from the small town of Colma, CA. which
is well known for having more dead residents than
living. There are 3 Jewish cemeteries there: Eternal
Home, Salem Memorial Park and Hills of Eternity.

I do get out there periodically and am willing to take
gravestone photos for anyone who needs one. My only
stipulation is that you MUST give me the exact
plot/grave location, as all 3 are rather large
cemeteries with 1,000s of burials. All 3 cemeteries
have offices with friendly staff who can give you that
information if you call them up.

If you'd like a photo >from any of these 3 cemeteries,
please email me privately (free of charge, of course).
Photos are digital and will be emailed.

Dayna Chalif

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