Re: Record of Aliens Held for Special Inquiry at Ellis Island #general

H Duboff



There is an info file about detained passengers on JewishGen that may
be of some help:

The main page for it is

There is an abbreviation list at

Perhaps you can look through the abbreviations to see if something is
a better match?

Henoch Duboff

Researching: FAERSTEIN, TICKNER; (Skalo - Austria);
MAILSHANKER/MELSZENKER (Grading/Gorodok Podol. and Buenos Aires -
Argentina); OBLETZ, ROSOFF (Dokshytz - Belarus) ; FINN (Gluboko -
Vilna); RAFKIN/RAVKIN (Dwinsk - Russia); ZEMBLE (Lushnitz -
Russia);DUBOWY (Zalocie - Austria)

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