LIEBOWSKY from Chile to Chicago #general

Martin Miller <millerm@...>

One of our BERGMAN(N) cousins >from Gross Kakschen in East Prussia married a
man by the name of LIEBOWSKY and had a son Mohr and a daughter Betty.

from what I have learned Mohr and his sister lived in Chile for a time and
then relocated to Chicago, IL. Mohr was a cartographer. He died in Chicago
and is buried in the Rosehill Cemetery near another cousin. Nothing more is
known about Betty or any family she may have had.

I've consulted every on-line resource and database that I can think of.
There is no citation to Mohr to be found in the obituary collections of the
Chicago newspaper. I believe I have tried every spelling possibility. I've
written to the cemetery, but have had no response.

Maybe these names are familiar to someone.

All the best for a good week,

Martin D. Miller
Syracuse, NY

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