Austria Vienna, Poland and Hungary #general

H Duboff



On a 1930 census record, my g-g-aunt Reba ASKIN (who was born 1895) is
listed as having been born in "Austria Vienna." Her mother and father
are listed as having been born in "Austria Vienna" as well. The
language spoken in her home was "Yiddish." Places listed for other
people on that 1930 census page (not connected with Reba's listing and
copied exactly as they were spelled) are: Austria Vienna, Russia
Mosco, Rumania, Unkrania, Lithuania, and Poland. (This is the only
time I've seen Austria Vienna or Russia Mosco.)

On the 1930 census for Reba's parents, the mother is listed as born in
"Austria" and the language spoken in her home there was "Polish" while
the father is listed as born in "Russia" and the language spoken in
the home is "Jewish."

All other census records for Reba's siblings indicate that the mother
was born in "Austria" and the father in "Russia", with "Jewish" as the
language spoken. (I realize that "Yiddish" and "Jewish" are the

I have a marriage license application for Reba's sister with "Austria
Poland" listed as the place of birth.

My question is thus: Was there a difference, in 1895, among "Austria
Hungary", "Austria Vienna", and/or "Austria Poland" or is it the same

Thank you,
Henoch Duboff

Researching: FAERSTEIN, TICHNER; (Skalo - Austria);
MAILSHANKER/MELSZENKER (Grading/Gorodok Podol. and Buenos Aires -
Argentina); OBLETZ, ROSOFF (Dokshytz - Belarus) ; PINTOV, FINN
(Gluboko - Vilna); RAFKIN/RAVKIN (Dwinsk; ZEMBLE (Lushnitz);DUBOWY
(Zalocie - Austria)

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