Re: Question regarding cemetery sections #general

Jane Rosen Berenbeim

Aaron Fink asks whether the name of the burial society plot indicates
that the deceased came >from that town.

I posted a similar question to this group a few years ago and the
consensus was that burial in the plot owned by a landsmanshaft was not
necessarily an indication of membership in that society. Burial plots
could, I gather, be bought >from landsmanshaft members by non-members.

That said, it's a good guess that the person in question had some sort
of relationship with a member of the landsmanshaft, so it's a lead worth

Jane Berenbeim
New York City

Researching: ROSEN (Bessarabia> 19th c. Palestine > NYC ); SCHAPIRO
(Kovno gubernia > 19th c. Palestine >NYC) REITER (Pogrebishche, Ukraine; NYC);
KLEINER (Yanov near Vinnitsa in Ukraine; NYC); BERENBEIM (Kiev > Winnipeg>
Denver); GANETSKY (Mogilev > Winnipeg, Denver); GOODNEY/GURNY (Lodz > NYC);
SIEGEL/MALSHEVESSER (Proskurov, Ukraine > Elizabeth, NJ.)

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