A Mystery! Surname change? #general

Angie Elfassi


......A Golde with her two year old baby Moses from
Russia traveling alone September 18th, 1891 on the
ship "Italy". The only problem is their last name is
listed as "Asone". I checked the microfilm and the
name Asone is very clear on the manifest. However I
checked the census records for 1900 for the name Asone
(Heritage Quest and Ancestry) and there doesn't seem
to be any family Asone at all! Could this Golde and
Moses be my family? As far as I was ever told our
name was Fine even in Europe - but who knows! "

Do you have your ggrandmother's maiden name? It could
be that she was avoiding/evading a governmental body,
or anyone else that might have been chasing her and
her son in Russia, so she used her maiden name.

Angie Elfassi

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