Mystery - surname change #general

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

Just a wild idea-- perhaps Golde and Moshe came on one ticket for
the voyage and so the surname should be read as " [consider] As One

Barbara Zimmer

Morchechai Fine wrote ".... greatgrandmother Golda with her baby
Moshe (my grandfather)
later but certainly by September 1891. With all of that information I
have still been unable to find any mention of them in any of the
databases that I have tried. I was hoping to find them in the new
Castle Garden database - but didn't! Finally I tried just looking for
anyone with the first name Golde coming [from] Russia and I came across an
interesting find. A Golde with her two year old baby Moses >from Russia
traveling alone September 18th, 1891 on the ship "Italy". The only
problem is their last name is listed as "Asone". I checked the
microfilm and the name Asone is very clear on the manifest.

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