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Henoch Duboff writes: " Here is an example of not
posting complete information when making a request.
Yes, I'm talking about my own posting. I neglected to
mention that ASKIN is the married name! Her maiden
name was FAERSTEIN and was originally pronounced with
the ending of -SHTEIN.

Her sister is the one with the "Austria-Poland" on her
marriage license; the same sister has "Skalo, Austria"
written on her (the sister's) husband's naturalization
papers. On a brother's census record, "Austria
Yiddish" is listed as the *place* of birth, and
Yiddish is listed as the language spoken before coming
to the US.

One reply informed me that in 1930, the census takers
were told to clarify the exact location rather than
just "Austria." I'm wondering if perhaps the census
taker simply wrote in "Vienna" after the fact?"

Because of Henoch's unclear posting, I sent in a
detailed reply yesterday about ASKIN and zeroed in on
ASCHKENASY-related names in Vienna. I do not regret
it, and I have sent in another posting to say why.

But I am after Henoch's explanation today, I am more
confused than ever *whose name*, actually relates to
being born in *Vienna, Austria*? If it is the
FAERSTEIN girl, there are plenty of Galician
FEUERSTEIN buried in Vienna. The FAERSTEIN who stayed
in Vienna would definitely have changed their names to
FEUERSTEIN, but their Galician origins are revealed by
their first names.

So there is no reason why this baby girl was not born
in Vienna. It is perfectly possible to prove, once and
for all, if this mystery person was born in ***Vienna,
Austria***, or if it was a figment of the census
taker's imagination. Why speculate? As I said
originally, the Vienna Jewish birth records are very
good. One has to do the research.

Carol Rider's posting was very apt yesterday. The
Moderator thoughtfully gave us this link, which I read
for the first time and I was most amused: Dan Leeson's
tale is located at:

Celia Male [U.K.]

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